We are half way through the 2014 football schedule and there have been a lot of exciting events and disappointing events that have already happened.  The NFC South teams have all had disappointing starts and continue to lose.  Their highest win season is with the Carolina Panthers who record is right around a .438 percentage.  Atlanta Falcons seem to be throwing games away just like their most recent game with the Detroit Lions, where they squandered a 21-0 lead in the first half, while losing to the Detroit Lions 22-21.  As always Payton Manning is breaking record after record while stamping his place as one of the best quarterbacks in the history of the National Football League. The Dallas Cowboys are making a comeback this year with a great record and starring Tony Romo, who is finally showing the brilliance that people have been looking for.

The Best Teams in the 2014 National Football Conference


As we look at the best teams in the National Football Conference or NFC, this list includes the teams with the best win loss records to this point. They are: for the NFC East, the Dallas Cowboys with a 6 win 2 loss record, for the NFC North, the Detroit Lions with a 6 win 2 loss record, for the NFC South, the Carolina Panthers with a 3 win, 4 loss, 1 tie record and for the NFC West, the Arizona Cardinals with a 6 win 1 loss record.

The American Football Conference or AFC, usually has the better teams, with regards to starring in the playoffs and the Super Bowl. Their players seem to be better and their win records seem to be consistently better. For the American Football Conference the best winning 2014 teams include: the AFC East New England Patriots, with the great Tom Brady, with 6 win 2 loss record, the AFC North Cincinnati Bengals with a 4 win, 2 loss, and 1 tie record, the AFC South Indianapolis Colts, with a 5 win 3 loss record and the AFC West, with the incomparable Peyton Manning, with an impressive 6 win 1 loss record.

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As always, when you are thinking about who  gets into the playoffs and eventually wins the Super Bowl this year, you will of course have to place the Denver Broncos with Peyton Manning at the top of the list.  Also, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, as they are always in the playoffs and have won the Super Bowl multiple times.  Also, the Cincinnati Bengals seem to be playing well, along with the Detroit Lions. And you cannot forget the Arizona Cardinals, because of the record.  And of course if they continue to play well, the Dallas Cowboys should make it well into the playoffs and possibly the Super Bowl.  Also look for Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers to maybe ease into the playoffs and possibly have a Super Bowl run. Whoever wins, this will be the ending of the second half of a great football omimovie.com season.



The question of when amateur football became professional is murkier. Before various professional leagues were formed, football was played as a diversion, and as an expression of school spirit for a multitude of college teams. What we do know is when the first documented example of a person accepting money to play football for a team. Of course, it’s likely that so-called ringers were brought in to play football on amateur teams for a long time before anyone could prove they were being paid, but in November of 1892, we have the first written proof of a man being paid to play football. The Allegheny Athletic Association kept a ledger of all their income and expenses for the season, and there among the fees for park rental and the receipts for tickets sold is a line item for a $500 cash payment to William Heffelfinger to play for the Allegheny Athletic Club versus the Pittsburgh Athletic Club

Apparently, it was worth the money. Heffelfinger recovered a fumble during the game, and he returned it for the game’s only score, a touchdown that was worth four points. Even with the big cash outlay to Heffelfinger, the 4-0 win netted a $621 profit for Allegheny, and the ledger is now in the NFL Hall of Fame. It’s the Birth Certificate of pro football.